Obsessive Seriousness

In my quest to learn more and more about self-defense, you have no choice but find information on “reality based self-defense”. You can find a myriad of information from different trainers and experts in the matter, from military personal, law enforcement and martial arts instructors.

I found myself simply going from one article or YouTube video to the next, from one podcast episode to the next and every single time, I find myself saying “that makes sense… oh! and that too! and this bit too…”

It got to the point that I started getting stressed out about what I knew and what I didn’t know and what I should know and what I should’ve known, etc. Basically putting everything in question and starting to doubt myself.

… and I actually have experience in martial arts. I can only guess what “normal” people must feel like when doing this type of research.

You see, when you start looking at this industry, you find a series of different opinions, or trends, if you will:

On one extreme, you’ll see the martial artist, specialist in a particular art, swearing that everything you need to know is in his art. Typically, this category of specialist have never actually been in an violent encounter.

On the other extreme, you’ll see the ex-martial artist: people who have trained in the arts, but then have had some kind of violent experience or been in the military or law enforcement and his martial arts, somehow, didn’t work for him, or has been disappointed by his art. His train of thought is now that all martial arts are useless.

And then you’ll see the rest of teachers and coach anywhere in that spectrum.

My question here is this:
 Is this actually worth it?
 Is it worth stressing over and making sure you “have the best of best” instruction?
 From what I gather about “civilian” random acts of violence is that you can’t actually be 100% ready for it and if somehow you find yourself in a situation of violence, you need to basically “be aggressive and then, run away”.

Yes, we put labels to everything:
 Karate this… Judo that… Krav Maga the other thing… BJJ something else or other…
Why do we care really?

I say just train.

Find yourself a good school, a good teacher, and not THAT kind of stuff and workout, train and be as ready as you can be.
Clear out the fluff, train and enjoy yourself, enjoy your life and bring it down a notch or two on that whole “serious stuff thing!”

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