Hesitation Kills

When I first got my license, my dad and I were driving to the store. In order to enter the parking lot, I had to cross the lanes on the opposite side and I was hesitant. In this hesitation, a couple of cars coming from the opposite direction came to a screeching halt. Even if an accident was averted, my Dad taught me a very important lesson: “Don’t hesitate!”

In terms on driving, hesitating is quite dangerous. The other drivers don’t know ehat you will do and this can cause accidents resulting in injuries or worst.

The same can be said about life in general. In regards to combatives, whether for competition or self-defense, it could have devestating consequences.

Hesitation will get you hurt. That’s a fact!

You can see quite easily in competition that as soon as a person hesitates, the pther capitalizes and usually ends up winning the fight.

I believe that the main factor for hesitation is lack of confidence.

You can start with a lack of confidence, typically due to the lack of adequate training. At the stage, you lost before you even started.

You can lose your confidence during the event as you notice that you have been outmatched.

I call this the “oh shit” factor!

There is both a psychological factor and physical factor. Usually, the first follows the second. For example, you feel strong pain from a kick or punch that you didn’t expect. Your eyes widen and you think to yourself “oh shit, what did I get myself into!”

Combatives is one thing though. Self-defense is another. You cannot afford to lose confidence. If you decide to fight, because it is a choice, you cannot hesitate nor hold back. You need to go hard and all the way. Your life and the life of your loved ones can actually be in jeapordy.

In a life threatening situation, your attitude, along with your skills and plan, will get your far. However, even if you have skills and a plan, if you lack the attitude, it might be preferrable to comply.

Some food for thought.

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