Strength vs Technique

There always was this debate between strength and technique and which is more important in martial arts.

I do not believe that it’s an either/or situation but rather, you cannot have one without the other.

Let’s take a basic straight punch. You could, in theory, be able to do the technique mechanically perfectly. However, when actually performing the technique, if you don’t actually put your weight behind the technique (as the technique requieres you to do), the punch will end up just being a very light push.

You can see an example of that in this video:

If you rely too much on strength, your punch will be uncoordinated, you’ll commit too much to the punch and if you don’t connect, you might just fall over yourself. If you are lucky and end up connecting, then you were lucky!

That being said, I believe you need both: proper (not perfect) technique and strength in order to execute your technique. This will help you to be effective, efficient in energy expenditure and overall, a better fighter.

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