Am I a Belt

Ramsey Dewey is indeed totally correct that one is not his belt, nor her is his profession. I am me.


That being said, I do find that a belt can be useful. For me, I compare belts in martial arts to getting your degree at school. I, for example, studied to be an engineer. My bachelor’s degree is my black belt. And like we say, it’s only the beginning.

Although I have my degree, I have yet to apply what I learned, learn from experienced engineers and just getting experience in the field, whatever field I chose to work in.

As I progress in my career, I could be part of “non-conducive” company (McDojo’s) where promotions are given to favorites, brown noses, etc. At that point, I could have different options:

  • I can move on to a better job, better company (better dojo/organization) where my efforts will be rewarded,
  • open my own company (open my dojo),
  • join forces with other people (open a new federation) or,
  • change career path (train in a different martial art).

As I get more experience, responsibilities and hopefully, promotions, I will accumulate dans on my belt, or new belts in whatever field I am working in.

So, am I a “belt”?

No! Of course not, but it can be a good way to give yourself goals and see how you progress… if you are that kind of person, like me.

And a black belt actually looks really cool around your waist! Just saying 🙂 Watch Ramsey’s video above, definitely worth it. Smart commentary and gives you a different point of view!

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