Kyokushin Pet Peeves #1 – Fixing your Obi

The Obi is a japanese term that refers to your belt. The belt used to hold your dogi (or kimono) in place.

Now, in Kyokushin, we don’t usually tie the top of our gi, we just fold it in front of us and then tie the belt around it.

This usually causes the gi to open up during training and sometimes even the belt loosens up.

I’m seeing more and more that students tend to try to fix their belt during an exercise. This drives me up the wall.

Warning: start of rant …

What’s worst though is how competitors would take some distance from their competitor to fix their belt before going back into the fight. This can be dangerous because their adversary can decide not to wait and attack you because your guard is down!

They also use it as a pretext to take a breather. Also, when the referee stops the fight, they use the gi/belt fixing to take an extra second to recover before fighting again.



Nobody watches a fight for how good you look but to see you fight. If your belt gets untied or lose, let it fall on its own or throw it aside away from your legs and …


And if you are winded and need the extra breather during the fight…

KEEP FIGHTING and then, go back to the dojo and TRAIN BETTER!!!

End of rant!

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